June 29, 2020, 3:51 p.m.

ava changed their pinned tweet to:

What’s more dangerous than Trump? The women who will defeat his white supremacist boys club. Directed by @anothergracelee and @marj, AND SHE COULD BE NEXT follows women politicians of color and the communities who stand as their armies. Tomorrow on PBS. https://t.co/bwD4VqXoqp
This project has been a joy to work on for the last year with @StarrburyMike. I’ve long been fascinated by how folks become who they are. The steps we all take to get to ourselves. When it comes to @Kaepernick7, that story tracks the making of a singular American icon. #imwithkap https://t.co/x5wKf1m4nG

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